Daily Prompt: Stump

via Daily Prompt-Stump



1. the bottom part of a tree left projecting from the ground after most of the trunk has fallen or been cut down.
each of the three upright pieces of wood that form a wicket.
1.  (of a question or problem) be too hard for; baffle.
“education chiefs were stumped by some of the exam questions”
2. walk stiffly and noisily.
“he stumped away on short thick legs”
I’m a word geek.  This is an interesting word because it’s origin comes from Middle English.  The original meaning is describing part of a limb remaining after an amputation.  It makes me think of Civil War medic tents.
Generally,  people baffle me.  I don’t get the social cues many times.  I have to guess and then people get angry at me when I get it wrong.  Tech stumps me too but not as much as other humans.  Especially when others expect me to deal with their crazy.  I’m only willing to deal with my insanity.  That alone is overwhelming!
Then, my thoughts turned to 9/11.  It’s a day that changed people’s lives across the country.  As a NYC native, each anniversary doesn’t get easier.  I remember people walking around the city in the following days, stumped at the enormous loss of life.  Stumped at how people’s ideology turned them into mass murderers of thousands of people.  Fifteen years ago, people had no idea how much the world would change.  Homeland Security and the TSA would become a punchline and frustrate millions of travelers.  That the terrorists were just warming up.  Or ISIS would rise from al-Qaeda like a Hydra in the desert.  Stump is a perfect description of how I feel today. Wondering if the fear lingering in the back of my mind will ever go away. I hope I understand human nature better. I don’t think I will ever understand extremist thought.



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